Summer Simmer

7:30:00 PM

My little sister goes back to school tomorrow. So do I, Thursday night. Now for Clare it's a matter of getting on a bus (and starting 5th grade!!!). For me it means a looooong Amtrak ride. Emphasis on long.
Still, I guess summer's really over. Culturally, anyway. I went out with a bang. Which is to say I took pictures of myself at a public pool. I think only one lifeguard saw, but it was still very liberating. Also my hair looked surprisingly cute sans product, post water.
I love this bikini, but I don't love the way it rolls down. I wish Swimsuits for All accommodated extremely short waisted people such as myself, because I love this style!
Does this masquerade well as a cool fashion shoot location? It's just the very old shed at the public pool. They sold snacks out of it when I was a kid. Now it's full of junk. I was standing on ants.

Bikini: Swimsuits for All
Vest: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Sunnies: ModCloth

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  1. Super cool! I love the retro style swim suits but I can never find any decently priced anywhere
    You look great!

    1. Ah, but here's my secret--this was $25 or so instead of $60. Swimsuitsforall typically has at least one fantastic promo code floating around. I don't think they let you stack them the way I did with this suit anymore, but you can still get a significant discount!
      Thanks, doll!


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