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Friends! It's good to be writing this. Really. I'm back at my beloved Mount Holyoke and already having an immense amount of fun. I love my friends, my room, my campus. My classes. It's delicious to report on all the love in my heart because I'm content. I love telling you so.
I know I've been neglecting this blog. There's a reason. Well uh, there's a number of reasons: school, my camera's tripod socket is caput, trying to have a social life, work, oh my god school. But honestly? Clothes have been a bummer lately. And that breaks my fragile heart. I love clothes. You may have noticed.
Nothing fits. I haven't undergone a radical weight change or inadvertently bought a bunch of ill-fitting things. But suddenly it seems like all of my pants are either far too big or far too small, with legs almost uniformly extending far past my own and thus hugging my calves in what feel like all the wrong places. Shirts are too long or too short. Busts are too tight. Waistlines disagree with my natural waist. Even my socks and shoes feel a little off.
What's up with that? And of course this is the culture I occupy, so not only do my clothes feel alien, but my body feels alien. It's so easy to do that backflip entirely unconsciously: I barely even notice those moments where I start blaming the lines of my body for an ill-fitting dress, or the way I put pressure on the outer edges of my feet for the way my boots fit. Who is this creature? I don't remember my polka dot jeans gaping at the waist and drowning my legs. I don't remember my teal loafers sliding around on my feet. I seem to have forgotten what shape my butt, my thighs, my breasts are. 
It's no fun to be an alien to your own dang self.
Getting dressed can be this weird crisis, this burden. But I'm trying to work through it. I'm gonna go to Goodwill soon and look for clothes that fit. Here's hoping I find some? I've also got a pair of jean-like jeggings on the way (size 16, "short" inseam). Cross your fingers for me.
Ah, I've lead my glorious return to Thrift-o-Rama with some of that discordant bodily realness of mine. Sorry-not-sorry. Here are a few pictures of the outfit I wore today, which mostly does fit, though I have to safety pin the bust of this blouse closed.
And here are some pictures from Convocation! It just so happens to feature the same skirt and belt. I'm predicatable. Oh well. This was, um, more than two weeks ago. I looked cute though. I'm lucky blue is my class color. I look so striking in blue.

Outfit #1
Top: Etsy
Skirt, Belt: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Tights: Target
Earrings: Free bin
Mocs: Minnetonka

Outfit #2:
Top: Forever 21
Flats: Payless
Scarf: Free bin

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  1. Good luck on finding new clothes to fit you! I don't think there's anything that ruins your good mood more than clothes you love not fitting.



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