Lady Friendships!

5:37:00 PM

Fall in New England is so beautiful and lady friendships are so important.
This shoot was sort of impromptu. Lee and I planned it (but then I forgot). The result is a million pictures of the two of us looking incredibly happy and startlingly ourselves, and it gives me a lot of feelings about friendship and fashion and feminism. I adore this punk scientist.
Where did I get such a beautiful and punk rock friend?
She's beauty and she's grace!
Her hair is fantastic!
And she enjoys taking autumnal whimsy pictures just as much as I do, making her a valuable friend indeed.
If you were my Facebook friend, you could see the unreasonable number of unreasonably beautiful photos I took of Lee. She's the most photogenic person I know.
I, on the other hand, look pretty silly in every photo. I'm not graceful. That's the sort of thing that used to distress me. Now I'm more than a little pleased to see the honesty of my laughter reflected here.
Did I mention that I'm not graceful? Lee is. Look at this. Look at this pose she can just hold.
She tried to make me do it. Here's a gif of me falling.
Lady friendships are so important. Are you a lady? I bet you love a lady. Tell a lady you love her today. It's powerful.

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    Oh man, lady friendships get me right in the heart, and this entire post is wonderful. You both have dazzling smiles and I'm glad you could celebrate your friendship together.


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