Laundry Day

6:34:00 PM

I have never needed to finish my laundry as much in my life as I did this morning. I think I pulled the last cute outfit out of my drawers.
The shirt is a weird polyester nightmare--so, you know, a favorite. But it's strange an ill-fitting, so I wear it seldom. Perfect with this cute little shirt I picked up at Savers, though! Um, emphasis on little. It's a Gap large, and is definitely confused by my hips. Oh well.
I blinked for like every photograph today. Also posed like a maniac? But I decided to just roll with it.

Top: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Skirt: Thrifted @ Savers
Earrings: Theater Dept. sale

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  1. You look adorable! I often have to pull outfits out of the air when it's laundry day, so I feel ya!

    Gap's sizing is really weird I've noticed, when it comes to skirts. I can never find one that remotely fits, even if it's labeled as plus size. Woe is me. But, that skirt looks so cute on you.

    Katie |


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