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Does anyone else directly draw their power from lipstick? People are constantly trying to sell me on their no-smear, no-transfer, matte-look lipstain favs. They’re nice and all, but they just don’t do it for me. My magic settles in my highly pigmented, all-too-smeary lip paint.
Rest assured: I’m a dork. My friends would be happy to share with you all the unlikely places I’ve managed to smear lipstick. I’m not above getting it on my teeth. My coffee mugs and water bottles always have red and purple blots around the rim. Yet I persist. What’s up with that?
Whatever. Here are some of my tried-and-true favorites: Guaranteed to terrify men and, need be, mark your territory.

I'M TERRIFIED THAT THIS LINE IS BEING DISCONTINUED, REFORMULATED AND REBRANDED WITH COLORS I NO LONGER LIKE. Um, I'm overreacting, but you need to understand that I'm in a long term relationship with these things. I have a million colors. I think I'm most noted for Hot Passion, seen below, which I can't even find online. Get them while you can lest the good stuff disappears! I've never been to a drugstore that didn't carry them. Great coverage, super matte, long wear, never dry out your lips, totally gets on everything.

You can get these at Target for like $4. The creme ones are more matte. The shine ones are sorta sheer and not all that shiny. I dig em, but they're not always super pigmented. Some people like that.
This is the only picture I could find that I'm sure features the stuff. Color is "Love That Pink,"

I love how light these are on my lips. They make me feel like a cool witch, but I don't have to commit to the heaviness of most dark lippies.
I've never seen these in-store anywhere other than CVS. That's a bummer. You can order them online though!

I believe this color is called "Chic Red."

These can get a little chalky and need to be reapplied often, but they offer colors on the cheap like no one else. Besides, it's nothing chapstick can't fix. Another one that's weirdly difficult to find in drugstores! CVS usually has it, except when it mysteriously doesn't.
My favorite color is Sangria:

Lipsticks I fundamentally do not recommend:
New York Color (bleh)
Urban Decay, at least last I checked (looks different on your mouth than in the tube and comes off immediately)
Ulta's house brand (really really hit or miss)
Graftobian (Comes off if you breath basically)

Which are your favorites?

(Hey! None of these posts are sponsored! The opinions are my own! Walgreens is not likely to pay me for linking to them any time soon. You're safe.)

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