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5:37:00 PM

I recently used the last of my store credit on ModCloth's black Friday sale. Man, I love free stuff. Have some reviews.


Iconic and bizarrely well made considering the price? This is of course based on one day together. Here's to many more. I'm gonna have a lot of fun in these

I paid $34.99, now it's $48.99

I've been unabashedly lusting after this Nicolette Mason for ModCloth skirt, and now it's mine. Every bit as beautiful and satisfying as I imagined, the skirt does have a few...errors? I took it out of the bag and the button just sorta...fell off in my hand. That's an easy fix. The fact that one pocket's opening is about an inch wider than the other is a shade more peculiar. But I love it all the same! Lovely fabric, really well made overall and fully lined. And it has some serious twirl! I oughta take a video some day in the future, when I've emerged from the ashes of this semester.

I paid $24.99, currently $49.99
I LOVE THEM. I've been needing a pair of slightly respectable shoes for those slightly respectable occasions that come up. These fit the bill, but are lovely for work and play, you dig? They're really quite comfortable, too. I'm not good at heels, but I have no trouble walking in these.

I paid $29.99, currently $59.99
I adore these jeans even if the pockets do sit on sort of a weird place on my butt. They're sorta thin, though? $60 is definitely a bit much. Wait until they're on sale. And beg ModCloth to try and bring these out in short length! I'd be all over that.

I also got another pair of sunnies with silly flowers for $9.99, but mysteriously forgot to photograph them. Very cute, though the flowers are a little more cotton candy colored than I expected.

Happy trails in deal hunting! I'm a little bummed that my store credit's gone. What do they expect me to do, spend my own money??? Preposterous. 

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