Fine and Dandy

1:48:00 PM

I got these shoes on eBay. They arrived today and I just had to wear them. Telling myself that they needed to be broken in helps, but really I just like marking my territory. Um, with my feet.
With shipping, they were about $15. That was a little much for my stingy heart, but I was tired of looking and really wanted such a pair. Besides, I looked up the brand. New Cole Haan shoes go for quite a lot, so $15 for a gently used pair isn't half bad.
I took these pictures just outside the laundry room. There were people in there doing laundry, of all things. Usually strangers watching me take pictures of myself is a little mortifying, but I decided that if they weren't going to be embarrassed about blasting their very stupid music, I wasn't going to be embarrassed by my endless barrage of selfies.

Bodysuit: Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle
Sweater: Dorothy Perkins. Also a gift from my mother.
Shoes: eBay
Sunnies, necklace: ModCloth

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