4:36:00 PM

This is the kind of semesterwinter—lifetime, perhaps that begs me to just drift. But wandering around in a massive, ugly sweatshirt and leggings doesn't make me feel like the adult I need to be, so I'm gonna try and use this year's "Fatshion February" to dress like the adult I wish I was.
Here I'm pretending to  be an adult who is sleek and plays the bongos.
Literally no one wishes the lighting in my room was better than I. These were taken in primarily natural light. In the middle of the day. Think about that.
The sleek woman who plays the bongos probably never wears jackets, being too thinly tied to this earth to notice the elements. I notice the elements lots, though, and it's February. I threw on my trusty denim in lieu of a sweater. (I just don't think she'd wear any of my sweaters.)
Top: Free bin
Jeans: American Eagle
Jacket: Vintage via my mom
Boots, earrings: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Sunnies, necklace: ModCloth

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