Firmoo-La-La: A review of my new glasses!

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I've worn glasses since I was seven years old. At this point, I think I can say I know what I'm doing. Believe me when I say that my new glasses from Firmoo are magnificent!
I've been absolutely dying for a pair of round, black, plastic glasses to wear artistically near some coffee and maybe a typewriter. So when Firmoo offered me a pair to review, I was utterly stoked! I've been wearing them nonstop since that day--and can I just say that they came really fast? My parents always ordered my glasses directly from the eye doctor when I was a kid, and I feel like they always took over two weeks to arrive. My Firmoo glasses shipped from China (you know, according to the package) and I got them only eight days later. I hope that's typical because I'm very impatient and barely had any time to get antsy! A+!
The extras they sent along are super. Take, for instance, this key ring screwdriver!
Ordering glasses online can be a little impersonal, and of course nothing can top an in-store adjustment. This is the next best thing. And since the website was pretty clear about the dimensions of the frames, I didn't have to worry anyway! They fit just as I'd hoped they would.
I couldn't be more in love with the case! It matches a purse I have. I keep the very, very nice cleaning cloth inside. It's shockingly effective.
I've been wearing them nonstop since I got them. Obviously I didn't actually pay for these, but I so would have. The frames and basic lenses together only would have come to about $40! They're still on sale, so click here if you want them! That's not a bargain I can argue with. I'm used to well-fitting glasses being much, much more than that. Most of Firmoo's frames are in the $35-$50 range, though there's a few pairs right now under $20. Warby Parker will run ya $100+, mind you. Get that crusty hipster look at less than half the price. (I mean that lovingly.)
So, the big question: Would I get Firmoo glasses again?? The big answer: Yes!!! I'm in love. They look great, were no hassle at all to buy, and are really much nicer quality than I expected. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! I might go ahead and get another pair soon. I'm that sort of person.

Firmoo sent me these rad specs for free, but the opinions expressed here are 100% my own. Those of us with bad eyesight know the struggle. If you're looking for new glasses on a budget, check out Firmoo.

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  1. Excellent! Looks like you have scored a rather fine product there. Glasses are always a good thing to have, if not for their corrective nature and properties, along with the fact that they are simply being a really cool stuff for collection. Thanks for sharing that, Bridie! Stay gorgeous!

    Jacquelyn Hart @ Clarity Vision

  2. You totally got lucky in scoring those gorgeous pair of glasses. I'm in love with the frames! They're so dramatically appealing and whimsical. Plus, they make your eye pop beautifully. Anyway, I hope you've been thoroughly enjoying their company. Thanks for sharing that, Bridie! All the best to you! :)

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes


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