New do!!!

4:53:00 PM

I've been dying to show off my newly cropped locks. It's so short and curly and happy and free! When your hair is only shoulder length, a few inches make a world of difference. Loosing those dead ends and opting for a layered, asymmetrical look feels absolutely amazing.
Oh, I especially love the back! My curls have new definition, bounce, and life--thanks in large part, of course, to dropping sulfates and silicones and conditioning like a madwoman. My hair looks nice in these pictures after squishing in my styling products, but I think I like the result even better when I rake and shake. I call myself a 2C and a 3A, depending on how much spring I wind up with that day. Raking and shaking definitely makes me springier!!
Bonus: Tito!
He was very interested in my camera.

Products I used today:

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