Proper Twist

5:59:00 PM

I feel like I've finally perfected a messy low twist in my hair, a hairstyle I've been longing to get right for ages--just in time, as might be expected, for my impending haircut. Oh well. I enjoyed it for today, at least.

Of course, my hair has had this big chunk of mistake in the back since I dyed it, and the subsequent fading has only emphasized that. Yikes. I want to say it's not this obvious in real life, but it probably is. Ah well. Another inch of growth and maybe I can start pretending it was intentional. It still needs some uh, rest, before I bleach it again, so them's the breaks!

Top: Forever 21 (forever and ever ago now)
Skirt: Thrifted @ Savers
Belt: Dorothy Perkins?
Shoes: Clark’s
Sunnies: ModCloth

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