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4:40:00 PM

After a good two years of hoping I would find a pair of perfectly soft, faded, fitting overalls in a thrift store, I broke. These came from Forever 21--originally more than $30, I bought them on clearance for a lot less than that, though I've already forgotten just how much. I can't say I regret this choice a lot. They're heavenly. They make me feel like I might be a little bit cool, though I know I'm fundamentally dorky. So are overalls. Together, we're so unhip, it's hip!
OK, I know I sorta went to town on pictures. What can I say? I love my overalls!!

Overalls: Forever 21
Top: Boohoo plus
Shoes, purse: Thrifted @ Goodwill
Sunnies: Ace Hardware
Plaid shirt: Thrifted @ Savers

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  1. You look so good! I HATE overalls but they look so so so good on you!

    Katie | www.katielikeme.com

  2. I love overalls, especially baggy ones, bought in thrift stores ! have several pairs from thrift stores in San Francisco


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