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2:25:00 PM

Hi again! Was that...a hiatus? I guess so! It wasn't on purpose. My terrible computer has been broken, and the repairs, going back and forth with Dell as I did, took almost a month. The result? For the first time in my life, I have a backlog of unpublished outfits!
I wore this lovely dress for my father's birthday. It's junk. I feel like you need to know that. Total junk. I finally broke down and ordered something from one of those suspicious companies on Amazon. You know the type: Really bad photoshopping, inscrutable sizing, based somewhere vaguely "in China." But I loved this print, took a chance, and scored! Like I said: Junk. The fabric is very thin and dangerously close to see-through. I don't even care. I love this dress.
I ordered an XXL out of caution, and it's actually kinda big. See above the way it gapes. Of course, the fabric is so thin, it might really be see-through if it was more of a bodycon fit. Pick your poison, I guess.
It reminds me of that Midwestern favorite: Cast-iron lawn ornaments.
I might be a cool witch. Isn't my High Voltage fav, Wine and Dine, a perfect combination?

Dress: CowCow Clothing via Amazon
Sandals: Clarks via Amazon
Sunnies: ModCloth
Necklace: Thrifted @ Goodwill

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  1. You look phenomenal! I really dig your hair, it's such a gorgeous color.
    And, that dress is so lovely too!

    Katie |


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