As IF! Clueless lips for all your fall dreams

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I was absolutely born in 1994 and 70% of the cultural references probably fly right over my head, but Clueless will always be an important film for me. Maybe it's because I'm an Austenphile. Maybe it's because I think Brittany Murphy was one of the funniest actresses that ever lived. Whatever the reason, I love the petty problems enacted in this blooming, wild dreamscape of a film.

I also love the way Alicia Silverstone is definitely wiping lipstick on her face in that picture.

A while ago, Topshop came out with a Clueless lipstick. It was like fifteen whole dollars and quite pink. Honestly? Despite the way the film was marketed, the characters don't seem to wear much pink, especially on their lips. Here are some lip products to let you emulate the fearsome foursome in all their glory this fall:

Who could compare? Dionne favors reds that are both deep and loud. It's a difficult balance. This September, pair your favorite Di-inspired lipsticks with a nose ring and a daring head accessory. Points if it was not actually designed to be worn on the body.

This little angel keeps it natural yet tough with a medium brown: light enough to be subtle, dark enough to be oddly punk rock. Wear these with a plaid mini skirt and an herbal refreshment.

Cher's looking classic with those impecable nudes! If you really wanna look extra, try it with bright yellow and knee socks. Possibly bright yellow knee socks.

Are you an indecisive copycat like me and Amber? There's no shame in wearing shiny cranberry lipstick one day and chapstick the next.
Pair with whatever Cher wore last week and the unappealing high school boy you're dating to spite her friend.

As an added effect, an ombre effect between you and two friends is only a text away:

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