10 Dollar Mall Review

1:24:00 PM

When 10DollarMall contacted me about a product review, I confess I was a little dubious. No one loves a deal like I love a deal--you may have inferred this from, um, every post I've ever made--but I try not to waste money on cheap products that don't last. A name like 10DollarMall appeals to the deal-hunter in me, but my sensible side was skeptical.
I was wrong! The quality I recieved was honestly just as good as a discount department store, Target, or any of the many, many other places I routinely shop. Can't beat it for 10 bucks! The shipping was pretty quick, too.
I've been on the hunt for a grown-up bag and settled on this pretty cognac tote with a laser-cut front pocket.
Again, I was nervous! I love a light cognac, but fake leathers in light colors can look super cheap. To my surprise, I recieved a spacious, cute bag that's shockingly durable considering the price. I thought this would be the bag I chose when I was trying to convince people I was a real adult. Now I'm carrying it everywhere. Even to class, with my heavy books and laptop!
That front pocket is really and truly useful! It's where I stick my makeup mirror, the thousand lipsticks I seem to have with me at all times, pens, receipts, mints...I can't get over how useful this bag has been. So not what I expected!
I'll be honest: This doesn't masquerade as a luxury good. It's a plastic-y handbag. But as plastic-y handbags go, it's sturdy, spacious, and makes a real splash! I'm thinking of buying it in black, too.

Hey! 10DollarMall gave me this bag in exchange for an honest review, but I expressed by real opinions and I always will.

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