Life and Style: Salem, MA

4:42:00 PM

Some dear friends and I took a Saturday to drive out to Salem, MA while the weather was still warm and the sky still bright. It's a strange city: A tourist trap, to be sure, but even that kitschy veneer allows the solemnity of its famous horrors to shine through. Visiting was odd and somber--but fun, too. Salem leaves plenty of room for fun, even when you're counting the dead.

Here's all four of us just as our day began!
From the left: Mary (whom you may know from The Everyday Goth), Gen, Kayla, and me!
I'm not a witch so much as an a-religious, dubiously spiritual crank, but I put on my witchiest dress for the occasion. This was paired with sensible sandals. The best witches are always sensible.
Add a spooky lipstick and I'm all set for Salem!
Any spooky effect I might have achieved was undone by the loud enthusiasm I carried with me the entire day.
These are a much prettier community art project than the ugly painted plaster cars that have dotted my own home town from time to time.
I fell in love with this sweet little glass bird. Don't you think it looks like me?
We met this lovely fellow in the graveyard, but he was too busy rolling the grass to say hello.
This is a piece called "What Birds Know," and I think I'd like to move in.
This museum is disappointing.

And then a most momentous occasion: I'd never seen the ocean before! It was too cold to swim, but I waded around and touched some crabs. Rest assured I am very impressed.
We caught the shore at a ridiculously pretty moment. Surely it can't always look like this?
I pretty much made that face the whole day.

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