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I was invited to go on a trip to the big mall in the area over fall break and was predictably drawn to Forever 21. At the register, I thought I was buying the cutest little outfit--but seen together here, I'm not sure they quite work together.
I love this shirt! But I bought it in a 2X because I'm broad shouldered. I don't mind the boxiness, really, but it's bizarrely short considering that it's really a size too big for me in most respects.
It does have this cute cut out in the back, though! Normally I'm opposed to random chunks being cut out of plus size clothing, but this is just tasteful enough for me to embrace.
 I love this shirt with jeans and even a few skirts...but not so much with these shorts.
These came out, what, this summer? They were marked down to like $8.50 on the clearance rack. I love the print. I love the idea of tacky ass floral culottes. Really, I do. But I bought these in a 1X, my tried and true Forever 21 size. In the store, they seemed to fit fine. Perfectly, even. Later I discovered that the waist is too damn big. That's the opposite of my usual Forever 21 struggles! They're practically falling off me.
Obviously I've still been wearing them, They're too cute not to! But I need to take them in, and I don't really have the time or patience to do so.

I imagined this outfit with the top snugly tucked into the shorts, but the shorts were too loose for that to be physically possible. I still felt pretty cute, but let's not pretend this silhouette is flattering. I look like I'm wearing a sack!
At least my sunglasses are poppin'!

Shorts, top: Forever 21
Sunglasses: 10 Dollar Mall
Shoes: Brekelle’s via Amazon

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  1. *blargh* Forever21 clothing problems! I can see the look you were going for and it is totally cute. Sorry the fit was off but hey, you can't really see it in photos so that's a thing?

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater


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