5 Junky Things I Wish Were Widely Available in Plus Sizes

6:31:00 PM

Would I buy them if they were? Probably not. I'm notoriously cheap. But here's a list of options I don't have, and it makes me pretty mad.

For a mere $6.50 that jellyfish skirt could be mine...except that there is absolutely no hope that I am part of the "all" in "one size fits all."

If you're lucky enough to catch them in stock in the plus size section, they're $6-9 and come in like...four bland colors.

I'm not saying I'm proud of myself. I am saying that I'd spend a lot more time lusting fruitlessly after these if AmAp would bother to reliably carry jeans that allow for a waist larger than 32 inches.

I could probably wear the "unisex" XL, maaaaybe the women's XL. The fact that neither lines go further than XL and the "loose fit" women's tees are one-size are just grim reminders than being lazy and antisocial is only cute if you're thin. Awesome!

Thank god for Sock Dreams and all, but the thick thighed cuties of the world are all wishing for more.

What do you wish you could find in plus sizes?

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