A Winter's Day

3:32:00 PM

Winter can be a bit of a drag. I like to walk places and spend time outside, which means wrapping up cute outfits in sensible winter coats and wearing ugly boots everywhere. But I snagged this pretty grey coat at NoHo hospice this fall and bought this absurdly large and soft tartan scarf on Amazon to get free shipping. My winter aesthetic is on this year.

I really really love the cut of this coat. Maybe no one else would, but I'm weirdly obsessed with 1980s wool coats. It's extremely straight and shapeless with roomy, square shoulders and I'm so into it.
(The sun and a very large flock of geese arrived all at once!)

Coat: Thrifted @ NoHo Hospice Shop
Scarf: Amazon. Currently sold out, but search "blanket scarf" and you'll find a lot of similar options!
My gloves are definitely from the dollar store and they are terrible.

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  1. That coat is so cute, and it looks super cute on you! I love that blanket scarf, too!

    Katie | katielikeme.com

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