3:51:00 PM

I know I've been quiet. I think I'm slowly re-centering myself.
Until then, you probably won't see a whole lot from me. But Lee and I still practiced our fine Thanksgiving tradition of dressing up and taking pictures! 
They're one of the sweetest, dearest friends in my life. Thanksgiving is rather an odd holiday, but I'll always be thankful for people like Lee.
I really love the idea of this dress from Boohoo, but the neckline is absurdly low. You might wanna skip it if you're busty.
(In which my blacks very obviously do not match.)

Dress: Boohoo
Sweater: The free bin???
Coat: Thrifted @ NoHo Hospice for only $15! I'll try and make a post about this darling piece soon.

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