Or Be Square

10:34:00 PM

Though I'm busy busy busy with school, I'm no less of a thrift enthusiast than ever! It's like Depop was made for me. Thrifting without the thrift store! I've had a lot of fun selling a few things, but I've probably bought far more. It's like slightly less suspicious, mobile eBay!
I snagged this shirt for like $5 and I'm utterly enamored with it. It's loud and huge and silky and utterly absurd, which is just the kind of shirt I like.
A girl in my costume design class was deeply impressed with it when I opened the package, which feels like a compliment.
Just add purple lipstick, enormous specks, and messy hair and I've got a look that's totally silly and totally me.

Shirt: Depop
Top: ??????????????
Jeans: American Eagle
Glasses: Firmoo

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