Four Eyes

4:45:00 PM

I learned something new: Off-the-shoulder, Bardot-style tops don't work if they're too big. I snagged this top on ModCloth (looks like the lovely blue color is sold out); it was only $12 or so, so I shouldn't complain. But when they didn't have a 1X or even an XL, I ordered the 2X.
Big mistake! I still like it, but the overall effect is disappointingly....droopy. (Flip through my Flickr for a few less flattering shots.) Lesson learned, I guess.
I paired it with this darling skirt from eShakti!'s another steep discount find. I'm at the point where eShakti clothes in standard sizes just aren't worth it for me. They never fit quite right. In this case, the waist band ruthlessly folds over itself no matter what I do. But I'd wanted this skirt for oh so long, and it was marked down from like $80 to $20ish? I don't wear it often, but um, I think it's obvious why I like it despite the awkward fit. Four eyes pride!
It's got a nice line and oomph if you don't look too closely!

Top: ModCloth
Skirt: eShakti
Shoes: Earth via Amazon
Necklace: A museum gift shop
Frames: Calvin Klein

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