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Hi, loves! These clothes are starting to feel like old favorites to me, but it's been so long since I've been blogging that you all hardly know them!
I wore this to the park on Tuesday. My little sister and I wanted to look for Pokemon, which is why I added the hat. (According to Clare, this is a hat a Pokemon trainer would be proud to wear.)


This is the Breathtaking Tiger Lilies skirt in navy. Y'all know I love my ModCloth skirts! I bought this in January or so when it was on sale and honestly I see why people pay $50 for them. It's a great skirt: Just enough volume and movement, but fabulous for pretty much every season without being super heavy. The belt it comes with is cute, too, but total garbage. It irreparably snapped months ago.
The top is from ModCloth, too! Sadly it's no longer available. It's definitely a long, generously cut tunic. I'd wear it as a dress if I wasn't worried about it riding up over my butt.

None of my leathers match and this ancient thrifted belt of mine has lost all structural integrity, but so what? Pokemon don't care!

Top and skirt: ModCloth
Purse: Vintage Dooney & Bourke
Sandals: Clarks
Hat and belt: Thrifted & vintage

PS: How are you feeling about the new look here? It's still in progress, but I'd love some feedback!

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